Iichiko Silhouette 750ml

Iichiko Silhouette is the traditional expression of shochu and Japan’s #1 shochu brand. Lighter and eminently drinkable, Silhouette pairs well with a wide range of cuisines and is traditionally enjoyed with food, at 25% ABV (alcohol by volume).


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    Iichiko Silhouette 750ml

    Silhouette is enjoyed straight or on the rocks; served with water (both cold and hot); served in a chu-hi (or shochu highball) mixed with soda and fruit juice; or served with oolong tea or matcha tea. Silhouette can also be a versatile base for low-alcohol cocktails.

    • AWARDS

    iichiko Silhouette was awarded a Gold at the L.A International Spirits Competition and a Silver medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


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    50 Proof