Hven Organic Aquavit 750ml

Organic Aquavit is one of a kind. Truly handcrafted with certified organic ingredients. The fresh spirit is oak matured both prior and after distillation giving extra depth to the soft fudge, vanilla character. The scent of new grind coffee reveals gently behind the fresh herbs, something remarkable indeed.
Only the best fresh organically grown lemons and oranges are selected to supply the zest that contributes with the oily citric notes that holds together the taste and the body of the spirit.
This is a very unique Aquavit that will give you a new way of looking at flavoured schnapps, with soft aromatic notes and long aftertaste. The final products are bottled and hand-waxed on site at 40% ABV without any carbon- or chill filtering, no colour corrections or additives. All bottles are individually numbered and checked before approval.


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Hven Organic Aquavit 750ml

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80 Proof


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