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Deadwood Small Batch Rye Whiskey


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Young bright rye whiskey, spicy pepper flavors and notes of dried herbs and cinnamon. Some nice sweetness as a counterpoint to the spice of the rye. Blend of two rye mashbill, one 95% rye the other 70% rye. Nice in a Manhattan, go light on the vermouth with this one.


In stock

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Deadwood Small Batch Rye Whiskey

In 1874, Gold was discovered in the Black Hills of South Dakota giving rise to the lawless town of Deadwood. Many a saloon and related business thrived, whiskey was a big part of their lives.
Frontier legend, Wild Bill Hickok was famously shot dead while playing poker in Deadwood. His four cards showing were two aces and two eights, forever after known as the Deadman’s hand.  The fifth card remains a mystery. We raise our glasses to Bill and that colorful time in history.


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