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Bookers Little Book Noe Simple Task Chapter 2 Whiskey


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When eighth generation Beam family member Freddie Noe set out to make his own whiskey, he had one goal in mind: make his family proud. So he created Little Book, blending together different spirits to create something completely new. Freddie doesn’t rest until each batch is perfect.

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Bookers Little Book Noe Simple Task Chapter 2 Whiskey

Introducing The Second Chapter of Little Book “Noe Simple Task”

In 2012 or so, Fred Noe, 7thGeneration Beam Family Distiller, asked his son Freddie if he was sure he wanted to be in the family business. Freddie didn’t hesitate –he said yes.

Freddie took on roles all across distillery operations to learn the in’s and out’s of the business. During this time, Freddie discovered a real fascination with tinkering –just like his granddaddy Booker. He was drawn to the practically limitless palette of tastes and flavors created by blending different aged spirits and pushing the boundaries of the whiskey category.

Little Book is Freddie’s passion in a bottle and his way of honoring his granddad and family. The name “Little Book” was the nickname given to Freddie growing up by granddad Booker.

Little Book is an annual limited release series that will feature new, unique blends crafted and blended by Freddie and bottled uncut and unfiltered* in honor of his grandfather.


Bookers Little Book Noe Simple Task Chapter 2 Whiskey Batch Notes.

“Little Book®“Noe Simple Task” features uncut, unfiltered* 8 year old Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey blended with 13 year old Canadian Rye Whisky aged in re-charred barrels and 40 year old corn-based Canadian Whisky aged in once used bourbon barrels. When you taste this blend you’ll notice the complexity and how each of these components has a significant impact on the flavor and taste experience.

When I set out to make Chapter 2 of Little Book®, I wanted to make something really complex. I settled on our Kentucky Rye as the base liquid pretty quickly because of the big, bold vanilla, caramel, and spice flavors that it has. After that I tinkered with a lot of different recipes, 32 to be exact, before finding what I was looking for –layers of caramel, vanilla, rye spice and dried fruit with a really unique and creamy mouthfeel. I call this batch “Noe Simple Task” because it took a lot of tinkering to figure this batch out. The final recipe I selected was 29 of the 32 I tried –a lot more trial and error than the first batch, but a whiskey that I’m proud to introduce in the Little Book®line.”

-Freddie Noe, 8th Generation Beam Family Distiller


Bookers Little Book Noe Simple Task Chapter 2 Whiskey Liquid Notes

  • Kentucky Rye | 8 Years | Big, bold vanilla and caramel that is typical of our Kentucky Straight Rye. This is the largest component and gives the final blend a strong backbone with a nice kick of rye spice.
  • Canadian Rye Whiskey | 13 Years | I selected this whisky because it builds on the rye spice of the Kentucky Rye, but adds a complex layer of dried fruit. This whisky also has a very creamy, vanilla mouthfeel that shines through in the final blend.
  • Canadian Whiskey | 40 Years | A corn-based Canadian Whisky aged in once used bourbon barrels, this is a complex component that amplifies the dried fruits from the 13yr Canadian Rye, but also layers in lots of sweetness from the corn-base and the bourbon barrels. This was a great balancing component between the two ryes.


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