Jack Daniels Apple Fizz Cocktail Whiskey 4/355ml

A cocktail with bold, bright apple flavor.

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Jack Daniels Apple Fizz Cocktail Whiskey 4/355ml

Tasting Notes 

Appearance: On the positive side, the cocktail is not bright green, but rather the pale gold-flecked yellow of a hard cider. The liquid is barely cloudy.

Nose: The first crack of the can releases the telltale Jolly Rancher’s green apple flavor of the dreaded appletini. I assume someone, somewhere once decided this flavoring resembled a Granny Smith apple. As far as I can tell, said person has neither been seen from nor heard from since the 90s. On sniffing from the glass, the aroma is less artificial, more like Granny Smith applesauce than freshly sliced apples.

Palate: On the palate, the hard cider character falls away to reveal a confused mix of apple candy aroma with a sweet grain whiskey finish. It’s thin and watery. The unpleasant and cloying fake apple flavor lingers for a regrettably long time on the palate. I could see this being enjoyable during the fall months with a cinnamon rimmer or as an alternative to hard ciders made from culinary apples (think Woodchuck or Angry Orchard). Folks that enjoy hard ciders made from true cider varieties will likely not appreciate the overwrought aromas on offer. This is woefully artificial. I’m starting to regret insulting that appletini. This is so painfully obviously sparkling water, booze, and perfume bottle’s worth of industrial strength apple scent.

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Jack Daniel's

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Canned Cocktails


14 Proof