Old Forester The 117 Series Row Fire Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

Old Forester has announced the release of the newest installment of The 117 Series – Whiskey Row Fire. This offering debuts just after the departure of Old Forester brand leader Jackie Zykan into the world of independent whiskey consulting.

The 117 Series this release heralds from is a limited-expression lineup that debuted in Spring 2021, and is said to offer “a deep dive, or deconstruction, on how either the individual Old Forester Whiskey Row Series expressions are crafted or highlights other historical moments of Old Forester’s history on W. Main Street.”

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    Old Forester The 117 Series Row Fire Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

    Tasting Notes

    Color: Dark orange brown
    Aroma: Sweet notes of honey comb, malt and marzipan mingle with delicate cedar and fresh oak notes atop cherries laced with vanilla cream.
    Flavor: Brown sugar, marzipan, vanilla and honey sweeten a mix of berry fruit.
    Finish: Long notes of honey and vanilla linger with a touch of fruit.

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    100 Proof