Makers Mark Private Select | First Responder Whiskey Society Barrel Pick

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Sgt. Harry Cohen aka Sailor Harry
EOW 10/18/20
Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

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    The First Responder Whiskey Society has come out with its first barrel pick. This first pick will honor K9 Sergeant Harry Cohen of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

    Sergeant Cohen was on-duty doing a workout with his fellow K9 handlers when he suffered what we believe to be a heart attack. His First Responder brothers and sisters did everything in their power to help but it was his time to go with the Lord.

    Harry was an amazing father, husband, friend, mentor and one of the best law enforcement supervisors to walk the earth. Harry leaves behind an ever lasting positive impact on every life he has touched both on and off duty.

    To honor Harry’s life and love for his fellow officers, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these bottles will go to support The Riverside County Deputy Sheriff Relief Foundation in his name.


    Barrel staves profile
    4 seared French cuvée
    4 makers 46
    2 roasted French mocha


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    At Maker’s Mark, our wood finishing series was created to explore new, unique expressions of our signature whisky. Beginning as fully matured Maker’s Mark® at cask strength, Private Selection is created by adding 10 custom wood finishing staves to each barrel. It’s then aged in our limestone cellar to extract a unique, flavorful taste profile. Participants in this special barrel program get their say in the selection of these wooden staves. The finishing staves can be any combination of five flavor profiles chosen especially for this program. With 1,001 possible stave combinations, each expression of Private Selection has a customized finish and taste profile that is unique, yet undeniably Maker’s®. Maker’s Mark® Private Selection is available in select markets and also at our distillery.


    5 staves, 1,001 possibilities

    Retail partners purchase a barrel and select 10 finishing staves to create a desired flavor profile. There are five different toasted wood types to choose from and over 1,001 different possible combinations. This results in a uniquely customized finish and bold flavors, yet each barrel is undeniably Maker’s®. After additional aging, the barrels are dumped, and the Private Selection is bottled and labeled. You can purchase yours through participating retailers.


    Next in the tasting order is Cu, also known as Seared French Cuvée. Cu is made from French oak that’s ridge cut and seared with infrared heat. It gives off toasty notes of oak and caramel.


    The next finishing stave is the one used to finish Maker’s 46®. It’s made from seared French oak and delivers dried fruit, vanilla and spice. A barrel fitted with 10 of these staves would give you a cask-strength version of Maker’s 46.


    The Roasted French Mocha stave, or Mo, is French oak toasted at high heat in a convection oven. Mo adds pleasant traces of char, maple and cacao.

    Extended aging

    Once a consensus is reached on the desired flavor profile, these special barrels of Maker’s Mark Private Selection are aged for nine weeks in the cool temperature of our one-of-a-kind limestone cellar.


    Weight 3.5 lbs
    Dimensions 5.5 × 6.5 × 15 in

    Makers Mark

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    Bourbon Whiskey