Makers 46 Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

Maker’s 46 was created by Bill Samuels, Jr., to amplify the flavors he loves in Maker’s Mark

Aroma: French oak, caramel and sweetness

Taste: Intense flavor, wood, vanilla, and caramel

Finish: Smooth and subtle


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Makers 46 Bourbon Whiskey

It begins with completely developed Maker’s Mark straight out of the barrel. Be that as it may, at that point it takes an intense turn. They add burned French Oak staves to the barrel, and after that complete it somewhat longer in our cool maturing basement. The outcome is a whisky with bolder, more mind boggling flavors, however one whose each taste conveys the smooth, congenial whisky that Maker’s Mark is popular for.

  • Completely developed Maker’s Mark, barrel completed with oak staves.
  • Extraordinary flavors; a major crescendo of wood mixing consummately with profound, unpredictable and rich notes of vanilla and caramel
  • Mark Maker’s Mark delectably smooth wrap up.
  • Made gradually in little clusters at our memorable refinery in Loretto, Kentucky
  • Each bottle is hand plunged in our mark red wax
  • Ideal for tasting perfect or on the stones.
  • Our novel barrel completing procedure makes more perplexing flavors-while disposing of the intensity that for the most part accompanies whiskies that are matured longer.
  • Intense and complex, yet as congenial and simple to drink as you’d anticipate from Maker’s Mark.

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Makers Mark

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Bourbon Whiskey




94 Proof


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