Heaven Hill Bottled In Bond Bourbon Whiskey

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This Kentucky Bourbon pays tribute to the earliest days of the distillery’s history, when it released the original Heaven Hill Bottled-in-Bond in 1939. The namesake brand quickly became the number-one-selling Bourbon whiskey in the state of Kentucky. Today, the craftsmanship poured into this bottle meets the exacting standards first set forth in the Bottled-in-Bond act of 1897. This historic offering reflects our founders’ firm belief that it takes patience and perseverance to make something of great quality.

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Heaven Hill Bottled In Bond Bourbon Whiskey

To be labeled as Bottled-in-Bond, a whiskey must:

Be the product of one distillery and distilled during just one distillation season, which can run from January-June or July-December
Be aged for at least four years
Be bottled at exactly 100 Proof
Bear the name and number of the Distilled Spirits Plant (D.S.P.) where it was produced, and, if different, the D.S.P. number of the bottling facility


Heaven Hill Bottled In Bond Bourbon Whiskey Tasting Notes

  • Color: Golden amber
  • Aroma: Warm notes of vanilla, honey, and a rich caramel sweetness
  • Taste: Smooth, warm and sweet with a subtle rye spice note; caramel and honey mingle with just enough oak and char to round out the richness
  • Finish: Long, lingering


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Heaven Hill

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