Redwood Empire Lost Monarch Straight Whiskey 750ml

Named after the world’s largest coastal Redwood, Lost Monarch whiskey has a name to live up to. An award winning bourbon-rye blend with an exceptional balance of sweetness and spice. The perfect choice for those who just can’t decide between rye or bourbon, we call it “the best of both worlds.”


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    Redwood Empire Lost Monarch Straight Whiskey 750ml

    • COLOR

    Dark Amber color with a slightly orange cast

    • NOSE

    Complex, with clove, cinnamon, vanilla, orange citrus zest and butterscotch notes, and an intriguing hint of sandalwood.

    • PALATE

    Sweetness from corn and spiciness from rye combine with an almost maple syrup like flavor. Vanilla and caramel notes lead to a persistent, yet subdued peppery finish.

    • BLEND

    60% Rye Whiskey,
    (95% Rye, 5% malted Barley)
    40% Bourbon Whiskey
    (75% Corn, 21% raw Rye, 4% malted Barley)

    • AGE

    A blend of 5 to 12 year old Bourbon & 3 to 5 yr old Rye Whiskey including a portion of house-distilled Rye

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    Redwood Empire

    Alcohol type





    90 Proof