Kentucky Owl Straight Rye Batch 4 10 Years Rye Whiskey 750ml

The Last Rye spreads its wings for one final time.
The original Kentucky Owl Whiskey was made by Charles Mortimer Dedman in the late 1800s. After every drop of this “Wise Man’s Whiskey” in inventory was, ahem… “confiscated” by federal agents under mysterious circumstances at the start of Prohibition, the C.M. Dedman Distillery faded into history. But just a few years ago his great-great-grandson — Dixon Dedman — revived the brand, creating the Kentucky Owl Bourbons and Ryes as small batch, super-premium Spirit blends.
Fans clamor for their premium Rye releases. They win awards and taste amazing, going out of stock quickly. TheLast Rye Batch is the final entry in the series, marking a special and bittersweet occasion. With the popularity of Rye growing, Kentucky Owl’s stock has dwindled. This release had them reach deep into their inventory for a 10-year-old Kentucky Straight Rye and some Whiskey aged 13+ years. Once the juice has left its new charred oak barrels, it’s been bottled at 112.8 proof, making it a proper sweet, oaky, bright, and spicy release — and one that’s bound to go fast.




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    Kentucky Owl Straight Rye Batch 4 10 Years Rye Whiskey 750ml

    Tasting notes

    Nose / Aroma / Smell
    It’s a bright nose with citrus zest, vanilla, oak, and brown sugar. There are floral undertones as well.
    Appearance / Color
    Deep gold with reddish hue.
    Flavor / Taste / Palate
    It’s oaky and nutty on the palate with caramel and roasted almonds. Then there’s a fruitier side with a nice dark cherry note. Creamy butter and cake notes are in there as well, with a syrup sweetness and spice.
    Finishes long and spicy with a black pepper note.

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    Kentucky Owl

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    10 Year