Glyph 85H Small Batch Molecular Whiskey

Age, wood, water.
Geography. Grain quality.
Generations of craftsmen perfecting their methods and passing them down.

But today, we know that there’s more than one way to make a whiskey. We believe that the great ones answer two simple questions:

Was it made with a passion for quality?
Is there delight in every sip?

These are the guiding principles behind Glyph: the first molecular whiskey, made overnight in California.

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Glyph 85H Small Batch Molecular Whiskey

Glyph is the first whiskey made from the molecule up.

Whiskeys owe their flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel to hundreds, sometimes thousands, of molecules that develop during distillation and barrel aging. These are the building blocks of all spirits.

To make Glyph, we source these molecules directly from plants and yeasts, rather than obtaining them through distilling and aging. By using the same building blocks as conventional distillers, we create fine spirits through a process we’ve developed called note-by-note production.

Our process is different, but our commitment to quality rivals the best in the business. Each component is meticulously tested for purity. Glyph is biochemically equivalent to the finest aged whiskies.


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86 Proof