Belvedere Lemon & Basil Vodka 750ml

The finest ingredients come to life as carefully selected organic lemon and fresh green basil essences meet a hint of elderflower botanicals and super-premium Belvedere vodka.


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    Belvedere Lemon & Basil Vodka 750ml

    Tasting Notes

    Unique Taste and Character

    Bright, citrussy and herbal—the epitome of freshness.

    • Nose

    On the nose you can really sense citrussy lemon zest, enriched with notes of leafy basil and fresh elderflower.

    • Palate

    To taste, it has an incredibly succulent texture with notes of lemon tart, the herbaceous basil, floral elderflower and you may have picked up on some juicy Muscat grapes too.

    • Finish

    The finish is sustained an elegant. The fresh lemon zest and peppery basil leaf comes through first, before a final hint of the elderflower.

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    80 Proof