Casa Del Sol Reposado Tequila 750ml | Eva Longoria

Casa Del Sol is a luxury sipping Tequila, inspired by the magic of golden hour and the legend of the Aztec goddess of agave, Mayahuel.
Tequila is a romantic, ritual spirit steeped in tradition and mysticism. Legend has it that in order to protect herself and her lover, the God of Wind, from her spiteful grandmother, Mayahuel created an agave with long green spires that could defend them. Enraged by their defiance, her grandmother wielded a bolt of lightning and burnt the agave to the ground. What was left amongst the ashes was a single green spire, at the base of which was a piña filled with the sweet nectar of agave, completing Mayahuel’s transformation into the Goddess of Tequila.


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Casa Del Sol Reposado Tequila 750ml | Eva Longoria

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Casa Del Sol


80 Proof