Verde Mezcal Momento 200ml

***Design May Vary/ contact us for specific bottle.***

Mezcal Verde Momento is a handmade mezcal design with a 100% natural fermentation that uses a mixture of different woods to obtain a smoky profile. The goal of Mezcal Verde Momento is to rescue the essence of any good drink: enjoy the present and have fun.


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    Verde Mezcal Momento 200ml

    After obtaining more than 7 tons of agave, the stone oven is prepared (a hole in the ground of 2m deep) for the cooking of the pineapples. First you put a ton of wood, you catch fire and you add a ton of river stones. When they reach the desired temperature they are covered with bagasse (left over from the agave from the distillation) to protect the pineapples from direct heat. Once all the pineapples are incorporated, they are covered with earth so as not to allow smoke or heat to escape. The cooking in this oven takes about 5 days and will be around 700 liters that are unrepeatable.

    In GREEN we use ocote, the oak and the pirul the ideal smoked for cocktails is achieved.


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    Dimensions 5.5 × 6.5 × 15 in

    Verde Mezcal

    Alcohol type





    86 Proof