Siete Misterios Barril Mezcal 2018

This agave in particular, is one of the least produced in Seven Mysteries due to the high difficulty of obtaining it, today after 5 long years we have not released more than 1,000 bottles, so we consider our best kept secret .

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Siete Misterios Barril Mezcal 2018

Having presented our first mezcal and after following re-discovering the aromas and flavors of this distillate was time to continue the legacy Sola de Vega thanks offered us their diversity of agaves.

This agave was named for its great resemblance to a barrel once the leaves were cut and left ready to be cooked in the traditional underground conical oven, this agave unlike the others has a kind of trunk, so it It resembles a tree more than the agave sprat. Unlike the Sprat, this agave offers us more earthy and herbal tones which placed it in a totally opposite position of our first mezcal.


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Siete Misterios

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