Pascola Bacanora Reposado 750ml

“Bacanora is the Agave Spirit Millennials have been looking for. It’s the missing link between Tequila and Mezcal. It tastes better than Tequila, but way friendlier than Mezcal.  And we’re very, very into it.” – Bon Appetit, July 2015


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    Pascola Bacanora Reposado 750ml

    Bacanora is grown and produced exclusively in state of Sonora Mexico.
    Bacanora is handcrafted and produced only in small Batches.
    Bacanora is made from a special Agave plant called Angustifolia Haw or Agave Pacifica.
    Sonora’s unique soil and climate conditions are what differentiates the rich smokey flavor of Bacanora from it’s popular Mexican cousins, Tequlia and Mezcal. Bacanora is roasted
    for 3-4 days buried in an earthen pit fired with mesquite which gives Bacanora it’s smokey taste.
    Aged for six months in
    American White Oak Barrels
    Distilled twice
    Region of origin:
    Rosario Tesopaco, Sonora, Mexico


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