Mezcales De Leyenda Puebla 750ml 1
Mezcales de Leyenda Puebla 750ml

Mezcales de Leyenda Puebla 750ml


Mezcal blanco
100% maguey ‘tobalá’ /Agave Potatorum
S.N. Huajuapan, Puebla
Alc/Vol: 48%
Double Distilled in copper pots

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Mezcales de Leyenda Puebla 750ml


Sustainable harvested agave from northern valleys of Puebla. This agave potatorum, commonly known as Tobalá is called Cenizo in Puebla. This is the largest field of sustainably cultivated maguey tobalá in Mexico, in large part thanks to the vision of the Alva family.
This maguey takes between 8 and 11 years to reach maturity before it can be harvested. On average it takes between 14-16kg of maguey to produce 1 liter of mezcal.

“ Aromas: medicinal hues with pete like smoke;
Flavors: caramel, citrus and apple peel ”

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Mezcales de Leyenda



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