Jose Cuervo De La Familia Extra Anejo Tequila 750ml

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An Extra Añejo tequila hand selected from the Cuervo family’s private collection. We welcome you to learn more about what makes this tequila one of the most unique and storied spirits of its kind.


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    Jose Cuervo De La Familia Extra Anejo Tequila 750ml

    • Where It Begins

    The process of crafting such a luxury tequila begins around a full decade before the liquid ever reaches your glass, with the planting of 100% blue agave in the estate’s richest volcanic soils.

    • Careful Selection

    Made using only the flavorful inner portion of hand-selected blue agave plants. The agave cooks at distillery La Rojeña for 48 hours total – 36 hours through direct vapor and then 12 more hours with just its own heat.

    • Aged to Perfection

    While Platino is unaged, Reserva de la Familia Reposado and Extra-Añejo garner their complex taste as a result of elaborate aging processes. After resting in barrels of French and American Oak the liquids are expertly blended by Alex Coronado, our Master Distiller.

    • Hand Packaged

    The art of tequila making extends to Reserva de la Familia’s packaging, with meticulous care given to each and every bottle. The entire packaging process, from the application of the unique label design, to the wax seal featuring the Cuervo family crest, is done by hand.

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    Jose Cuervo

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    Extra Anejo Tequila