Codigo 1530 XII Extra Anejo Limited Edition

100% Pure Blue Weber Agave
• NO Additives, sugars, flavors, colors, or chemicals
• Produced using 2-3 times more agave than standard practice
• Low in calories: only 61 per oz.

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    Codigo 1530 XII Extra Anejo Limited Edition

    Award-Winning Cabernet Wine Barrels
    • Aged using French White Oak wine barrels vs. commonly used
    American Oak whiskey / bourbon barrels
    Single, Dedicated Distillery
    • 1 NOM. 1 Brand. Bottled at Origin.
    • Only 0.7% of brands are solely produced at their own distillery

    Production Notes
    • Our XII Extra Añejo is a private recipe refined over many
    generations by an artisan distilling family in Amatitán.
    • Aged for 12 years in the finest Cabernet French White Oak
    • Initial Allocation of only 50 bottles

    Tasting Notes
    • Complex and expressive nose, aromas of spice and sweet oak
    lend to a robust palate with a smooth, long finish.


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    Codigo 1530

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