Maestro Dobel Pavito Silver Tequila 750ml
Maestro Dobel Pavito Silver Tequila 750ml

Maestro Dobel Pavito Silver Tequila 750ml


A first-of-its-kind tequila to use pechuga, or turkey breast, to enhance and elevate the category.

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Maestro Dobel Pavito Silver Tequila 750ml

Pavito begins with a base of Maestro Dobel’s Silver tequila double distilled in copper pot stills- achieving the smoothness that Dobel tequilas are known for. After a brief period macerating the fruits and spices, a third distillation is performed – a first for the Maestro Dobel portfolio – during which the pechuga is placed at the top of the still. The tequila vapors are thus infused with the aromatics of the fruits, spices and savory turkey breast. This intensifies the tequila, creating layers of complexity in the resulting liquid.

  • Color

The result is a clear, bright and light-bodied liquid, with slight silvery undertones.

  • Taste

A smooth, yet complex and balanced liquid with layers of rich, savory notes. Hints of cooked-agave, sugar cane, fruits, spices (cinnamon, pepper), and tejocote fill the palate.

  • Aroma

Floral, citric. Fresh notes of mint, peppermint, chlorophyll, lemon tea and anise, cooked pineapple plum and tejocote (Mexican hawthorn). Very subtle smoky notes.

  • Sip

An incredibly smooth liquid. The sweetness is tasted at first, then it gradually fades to bring the presence of a savory and strong character.

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Maestro Dobel

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