Macallan Edition No.4 Scotch 750ml

A unique selection of oak cask styles are combined to yield a new limited edition expression each year. Edition No. 4 embodies the craftsmanship and pioneering design of the new Macallan Distillery and demonstrates the mastery of whisky making on the estate since 1824.

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    Macallan Edition No.4  Scotch

    The Macallan Edition No. 4 is the most recent release in this creative yearly series. Like previous releases, Edition No. 4 continues with the investigation into our way to deal with whisky making, and uncovering the detail of its creation. Edition No. 4 is produced under direction of our Master Distiller, Nick Savage.

    The Macallan Edition No. 4 uncovered the structure of the whisky, drawing parallel on how The Macallan’s new distillery is built. This limited edition whisky has been shaped by the use of exceptional oak casks, which are the single greatest contributor to the outstanding quality, natural colors and distinctive aromas and flavors of The Macallan.

    Drawn from a mix of European and American oak Sherry casks, Edition No. 4 displays a lively, dynamic and invigorating single malt with notes of honey, sweet toffee and citrus fruits.



    Macallan Edition No.4 Scotch Tasting Notes

    COLOR : Burnished copper

    PALATE : Nutmeg with wood spices and green cloves open up immediately, leaving a sweet and vanilla viscous mouth coating

    AROMA : Bold and rounded honey with a sweet toffee apple note

    FINISH : Fruity with oaky sweetness, long and lasting

    Macallan Edition No.4 Scotch Features

    •  A new limited edition, never to be repeated
    •  A collectable Macallan at an approachable price point
    • Unique selection of oak casks exclusive to this expression
    • Higher ABV (48.4%) to optimize and concentrate the rich flavors
    • At auction, Edition No. 1 is already selling at 5x its original retail price
    • Design of the new distillery is replicated on the side of the box

    Macallan Edition No.4 Scotch Cask

    Casks from 4 distinguished Spanish cooperages varying in type of oak and size

    • Type of oak: European and American
    • Cask suppliers: Tevasa, Jose Y Miguel Martin, Diego Martin Rosado, Vasyma
    • Casks shapes and sizes: 500L butts (42%), 500L puncheons (18%) 250L Hogshead (40%)

    A significant proportion of smaller casks making up Edition No. 4 delivers an intense experience of rich flavors and aroma

    Macallan Edition No.4 Scotch


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