Alexander Murray Linkwood 19 Year 1997 Scotch Whiskey

Typically light, consistently displaying aromas of cut grass and sometimes even perceived as a bit ‘peanut-buttery’, Linkwood distillery puts out a remarkable spirit.

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    Alexander Murray Linkwood 19 Year 1997 Scotch Whiskey

    A key player in Diageo’s blending program, Linkwood is scarcely available in its outstanding single malt form. If you have the glorious prospect of sampling your first bottling of Linkwood still to come, then we at Alexander Murray & Co are quite envious, for there is no whisky quite so fragrant on the nose. Oh what we’d do to go back to relive that experience! Such a delight it is to the senses (particularly those expressions matured in ex-bourbon casks) to discover the perfumed and grassy style of single malt, of which Linkwood is the ultimate example.

    One of the Elgin crowd in the Speyside region of Scotland, the distillery has sprawled across the greenest of land since 1821, and over the generations has lived in anonymity due to its role with Scotland’s blenders. Its relative scarcity compared to the nearby distillers that have lived with fame and ubiquity makes Linkwood single malt that well-kept secret you really don’t want to tell anyone about.

    Like that one amazing lunch spot you keep to yourself, for fear of the masses changing its course, please don’t spread the word about Linkwood. Please?


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    107.6 Proof


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