Alexander Murray Ledaig 20 Year 1997 Scotch Whiskey

On the Isle of Mull, off the west coast of Scotland, lies the most curious of seaside towns, Tobermory. Perfectly quaint, yet strangely psychedelic, a patchwork of colorful buildings span the coastline of the island’s popular bay, which leads quite gloriously to a place called Ledaig.

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    Alexander Murray Ledaig 20 Year 1997 Scotch Whiskey

    One of Gaelic’s most fiercely pitched curveballs; ‘Ledaig’ is actually pronounced something like ‘led-chick’, believe it or not. Call it how you see it is what we’d say!

    As seen among a growing collection of malt distilleries in Scotland today, Tobermory is one of the sites that produces two different styles of spirit. The first is known as Tobermory, an unpeated and slightly oily spirit that often develops in many directions; the second is known as Ledaig, a heavily-peated spirit that retains a particularly powerful smokiness.

    Between the two styles, which are very different, the fruits of Tobermory’s production are ever interesting and often exciting. Much like its coastline, it’s a colorful palate of delight.


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