Alexander Murray Glentauchers 17 Year 1996 Scotch Whiskey

Built in 1898 by Charles Doig & Sons, Glentauchers was ideally situated on a main road, with a healthy water source, green surroundings and even a railway line adjacent. Today it remains a key player for multiple blended whisky brands, and is rarely seen as a single malt whisky.

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Alexander Murray Glentauchers 17 Year 1996 Scotch Whiskey

Just outside the Chivas stronghold of Keith on the road to Craigellachie sits the Glentauchers distillery, whose stillhouse jumps up like a pop-up book on the way. Although just outside the stronghold, Glentauchers is not to be overlooked, as its spirit is key to blending program of its owners.

Its pear-shaped copper stills, distinctly visible form the road, produce a distinctly fruity spirit with an almost wine-like viscosity. Relatively long fermentation and slow distillation at play here.


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Alexander Murray

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