Kuleana Rum Works Hawaiian Rum Agricole

Fresh Hawaiian sugarcane juice distilled into exceptionally flavorful rum. We hand cut each stalk of kō, press it into fresh sugarcane juice, ferment it using a special yeast and distill it in a hand-made, copper alembic pot still. This is slow, careful process makes delicious and flavorful rum showcases the magnificence of the kō.


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Kuleana Rum Works Hawaiian Rum Agricole

Sugarcane, known as kō in Hawai‘i, originated approximately 10,000 years ago in Papua New Guinea. It was brought to the Hawaiian Islands about a thousand years ago by Polynesian wayfinders, early explorers using traditional navigation methods. Kō was used in daily living as well as commerce. Over the last 150 years, many of the Hawaiian heirloom varieties were replaced by commercial hybrids engineered for large-scale production.

It’s the slow, careful handcrafting of legendary kō that makes Kuleana Rum so special. Each varietal of heirloom cane has a unique story and flavor profile that cannot be duplicated by processed sugars or molasses. Our super-premium rums give homage to this piece of treasured Hawaiian history and ensures it lives on.


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Kuleana Rum Works

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