Brugal Extra Dry Supremo 750ml

What makes Blanco Extra Dry Supremo so special? It is the only rum that we filter three times. Of course, it goes through our time-honored distillation process, and it is cask aged in white American oak casks for 2-5 years, the same as Brugal Añejo.


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    Brugal Extra Dry Supremo

    Brugal’s Extra Dry is made to a higher standard than ordinary rums: Extra dry begins as our Añejo rum, aged between 2-5 years in American Whiskey casks and then is triple filtered to remove the color, creating a dry and clean spirit that is incredibly smooth. The result is a unique dry style that can be enjoyed neat or mixed for more crisp refreshing cocktails. A rum which has been perfected by the Brugal family for over 125 years.

    A product of the Dominican Republic, Brugal Extra Dry Supremo is distilled from molasses. It is aged in American white oak previously used to age whiskey, and then triple-filtered to remove all color resulting in a clear, clean spirit. In the US, it’s bottled at 40% ABV but this may vary in other countries. Note: Formerly known as Brugal Blanco Especial Extra Dry.

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    Dominican Republic


    80 Proof