Sugarlands Shine Jim Tom Hendicks Unaged Rye Moonshine 750ml

Jim Tom Hedrick’s Unaged Rye maintains an earthy balance between spicy rye and toasted grains with hints of black pepper. Distilled in Gatlinburg, this award-winning moonshine packs a potent enough punch to keep you sippin’.


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    Moonshiners airs on the Discovery Channel

    Every Spring, a fearless group of men and women venture deep into the woods of Appalachia, defying the law, rivals and nature itself to keep the centuries-old tradition of craft whiskey alive. This season a new generation of moonshiners are striving to take the ancient art into the 21st-century, using age-old methods to produce new flavors and liquor varieties that could transform America’s liquor landscape.

    With fortune and glory on the line, old partnerships are tested, and young upstarts look to stake their claim on new territory. As the black market for white whiskey heats up, desperate shiners put new, dangerous still designs into service, while legendary old-timers come out of retirement to head back into the hills for one more run. All the while, the ever-present threat of the law continues to put the squeeze on those dedicated to America’s original spirit.

    Sugarlands Shine Jim Tom Hendicks Unaged Rye Moonshine

    Jim Tom Hedrick is a legendary moonshiner, master storyteller, and still maker. Over the years, he has become one of the most skilled moonshiners in Appalachia and his original hand-crafted spirits were in high demand throughout the south. Today, Jim Tom is passing his lifetime of experience on to a generation of distillers.

    Sugarlands Shine Jim Tom Hendicks Unaged Rye Moonshine Pairings & Suggestions
    • Jim Tom pairs well with black cherry, dark chocolate, licorice, sorghum and cola
    • Use Jim Tom in place of gin to put a unique twist on a Tom Collins


    Sugarlands Shine Jim Tom Hendicks Unaged Rye Moonshine Awards

    • LA International Spirits Competition – Silver Medal
    • Beverage Testing Institute – Silver Medal
    • San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Gold Medal
    • American Distilling Institute – Bronze Medal
    • Fifty Best – Double Gold



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    Sugarlands Shine

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    70 Proof