Ramazzotti IL Premio Liqueur

In 1850, after leaving the company to his two sons Eugenio and Giuseppe, to thank them for all their efforts and work Ausano Ramazzotti created a new product combining two Italian excellences: the Amaro Ramazzotti and the Grappa di Nebbiolo Riserva. The new-born “IL PREMIO” Ramazzotti recipe remained secret until today: it has now been rediscovered, ready to be tasted by everyone. The unique blend fuses together the fruity notes of candied orange and the herbaceous taste of the Amaro with the soft vanilla and caramel notes of the 36 months old Grappa di Nebbiolo Riserva. Il Premio Ramazzotti is the unique treat for the most precious common moments that will make you say: “Bella la Vita”.

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Ramazzotti IL Premio Liqueur

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Dimensions 5.5 × 6.5 × 15 in


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