Amaro dell’Etna Liqueur 1L

Amaro dell’Etna has its roots on the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily where more than twenty-six herbs and aromatic plants grow. Its special recipe embodies the volcanic nature of Sicilian soil and even after over one hundred years still conveys an authentic and traditional taste.

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    Amaro dell’Etna Liqueur 1L

    • Personality
      Amaro dell’Etna contains no preservatives or artificial coloring agents. It has a genuinely intense flavor thanks to the infusion of herbs and natural aromas and the addition of only sugar.
    • Alcohol content
      30% vol.
    • Ingredients
      Alcole idrato puro, zucchero, infuso d’erbe, aromi naturali.

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    Amaro dell’Etna



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    58 Proof