Alley 6 Spiced Peach Liqueur 750ml

A full Summer in the making, our Spiced Peach Liqueur is a labor of love from the orchard to the bottle. Twice a week from June – August we drive out to Dry Creek Peach, pick up a truck load filled with 5-gallon buckets of fallen peaches, bring them back to the distillery and spend the Summer mornings hand pitting, pureeing and fermenting in order to collect enough for this very special batch. Once the fermentation’s complete, we distill twice in our copper alembic pot stills, and rest the spirit on toasted french oak with an array of baking spices.


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    Alley 6 Spiced Peach Liqueur 750ml

    Tasting Notes
    The bouquet of peach hits you square in the nose, it smells like summer afternoons & no responsibilities. It tastes like a freshly baked peach pie, spiced and warm on the palate.

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    Alley 6


    80 Proof


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