Def Leppard Rocket Premium Distilled Gin 700ml

Def Leppard Rocket Premium Distilled Gin
Inspired by lavender labyrinths in Sheffield (Manor Lodge) this is a premium distilled gin with high intensity of flavors. The grain-based distillate is bold with juniper and herbaceous tones. For a more developed experience of botanical character, additional flavor of lavender and lemon are macerated and blended with the distillate. There are no added sweeteners, ensuring the purest quality of the liquid.

The design is created with inspiration from the hit single “Rocket” from the album “Hysteria”.


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Def Leppard Rocket Premium Distilled Gin 700ml


Color: Clear
Nose: Spicy, clear tones of juniper and lavender. Bright floral, vegetative with balanced aromas of lemon.
Palate: Rich and clear character do juniper, lavender, herbs, and citrus.
Finish: Full-bodied, rich and long-lasting character of juniper with a distinct taste of lavender that lingers for a long time.

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Def Leppard


80 Proof


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