Sprezza Rosso Spritz Italiano 4/8.4oz


Mancino Vermouth Rosso
Scrappy’s Orange Bitters
Mineral Water and Carbonation
5.2% Alcohol by Volume

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Sprezza Rosso Spritz Italiano Tasting Notes

Fresh citrus and acidity wrapped by a glint of caramel, rhubarb, juniper, toasted wood and bitter orange peel, If with the root finish of a delicate amaro.

How To Enjoy Sprezza Rosso Spritz Italiano

Straight from the Can | You heard us. Straw or no straw, that is the question.
Rocks and Stuff | Pour a chilled can over ice. Citrus peel of choice.
JUNIPER Spritz | Pour 1 oz. of gin and a few dashes of bitter liqueur into a white wine glass full of ice. Top with half a can (4oz). SPREZZA Rosso. Grapefruit peel.
Mistaken Negoni | Pour 1 oz of Rinomato Aperitivo or similar into a highball. Top with half a can (4oz) SPREZZA Rosso. Lemon peel.


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