Osocalis Rare Alambric Brandy 750ml

Our Rare Alambic brandy is blended from brandies distilled from several varietal with empahsis on Pinot Noir, Semillon and Colombard. The Rare is blended to show the richness, fruit and floral qualities of California Alambic Brandies and the base of the more precocious Pinot Noir provides a strong, youthful platform on which to ground the blend. The Blend consists mostly of youthful brandies of ~6 years in barrel but also includes older stocks to add finesse and structure. The latest bottling, Lot V, is our best Rare Alambic yet. K&L Wine called this their Spirit of the Month: “…If you buy only one new spirit for this New Year, make it Osocalis brandy!”

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    Osocalis Rare Alambric Brandy 750ml

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    80 Proof


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