R&D Bitters Fire 100ml

For those craving a little heat we proudly offer R&D Fire rs. We worked diligently for months dialing in the perfect combination of peppery heat, a crisp citrus note, and a light bitterness. When we finally hit the perfect balance we had created a crisp clean and spicy bitters with just the right amount of heat to get you going.


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    R&D Bitters Fire 100ml

    R&D Bitters Co. was founded by three local San Diego bartenders Ryan Andrews, Eric Lockridge and Brett Winfield with over 30 YEARS OF COCKTAIL EXPERIENCE in some of the nation’s top bar programs.

    These are not your average Cocktail Bitters, we have put together some great flavor profiles which we feel have yet to be represented in the cocktail world. All of our Bitters are 100% handcrafted in San Diego and designed to enhance the flavor profiles of Classic and Modern Cocktails alike.
    Our three main flavors are Aromatic #7 with a hint of citrus, Cherry Apple, and an old fashioned style Sarsaparilla. Alongside our core range we have created spicy Fire Bitter, savory Smoked Bitters, and a classically Styled aromatic Bitter called House Bitters.

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