Jugando Spirits Whiskey Drinking Game Kit 750ml

It includes:

1 Bottle 
1 board 31cm x 18cm 
1 Spanish and English instructions 19cm x 11.5cm 
4 chips 
2 dice 
4 glasses 

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    Jugando Spirits Whiskey Drinking Game Kit

    For whisky lovers, we present you a new way to drink your favorite spirit with one of our many games full of challenges and fun.  Let the party begin with your Jugando Spirits kit and get to know one of the 12 available games we have for you.

    This fun board game will bring fun to your party! The objective consists in playing your card until reaching the center with the crazy ganza but you will have to go through several surprises and challenges that will make your meeting the best!

    This fun game is the perfect match to your party and challenges on your way! The twist for your meetings.



    Weight 3.5 lbs
    Dimensions 5.5 × 6.5 × 15 in

    Jugando Spirits

    Alcohol type



    Drinking Games




    80 Proof