Wild Sardinia


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  • Wild Sardinia Gin 750ml

    Wild Sardinia Gin is made from 100% Juniper. No other botanical is added. The aroma and flavor are deeply concentrated and rich.

    The nose is overwhelmed and charmed by the perfume of Sardinian juniper that gradually leaves room for hints of resin and citrus fruit. The palate is mouth-filling and warm, long and expressive. A sip of Sardinia.

    A wild and pure gin made exclusively from the hand-picked berries of wild juniper plants that grow spontaneously along the island’s coasts.

  • Wild Sardinia Vero Vermouth 750ml

    Wild Sardinia Vermouth is a unique vermouth made from Vernaccia Riserva, which is aged ten years.

    The color is deep amber, clear and dense. The aroma releases the characteristic flavors of Vernaccia wine, with references of medicinal herbs, honey, dried fruit, ink, and spices. The taste is sweetly supported by a freshness and pleasant acidity. Hints of dried fig, almonds, and citrus. The end leaves the mouth in perfect balance between acidity and sweetness

  • Wild Sardinia Adras Vodka 750ml.

    Wild Sardinia Vodka is made from wheat

    Distillation Process: Slow craft distillation, through a steam and copper distillation system. Every single distillation lasts 9 hours and is repeated three times to obtain the purest quality possible.

  • Wild Sardinia Mirto Raro Liqueur 750ml

    Wild Sardinia Mirto is made from hand-picked wild myrtle berries.

    The color is ruby red and dense. The nose has balsamic notes and notes of Mediterranean plants, myrtle jam and essential oil present in the plant. The palate is sweet, warm and it is easy to get notes of fruits mixed with delicate bitter notes and a slight tannic aftertaste.Distillation Process: Hand-picked wild myrtle berries are infused for four months in a mixture of water and alcohol. More water and sugar are added before bottling.