The Genuine Curacao


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  • The Genuine Curacao Triple Sec Liqueur 750ml
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    Made with Laraha peels
    When speaking of an official Curaçao Liqueur, the liqueur should be made of the dried peels of the “Laraha”, which can only be found on Curaçao. To this day, Senior is the only brand in the world, which does that. The peels of the Laraha are bitter, making the taste contradictory. When tasting the genuine Curaçao liqueur, you taste the bitterness of the orange, but also the sweetness of how a true liqueur should be.

  • The Genuine Curacao Orange Liqueur Triple Sec 750ml
    SKU: 763406037505

    The perfect mixer
    This liqueur mixes well with rum. Use the Orange Curaçao liqueur to make a delicious Mai Tai or mix it with mango for a twist on the classic Daiquiri. If it’s simplicity that you seek, the Orange Curaçao mixes well with Scotch for cocktails like Sing Sing.

  • The Genuine Curacao Blue Liqueur Triple Sec 750ml
    SKU: 763406027506

    The genuine Blue Curaçao
    ”Our Blue Curaçao is not only produced and bottled in Curaçao, but is also the only one that is still made of the peels of the Laraha orange.”

    There are no known facts about the origin of Blue Curaçao, but we like to believe that it is because of the crystal clear blue waters and deep blue skies found in our Caribbean island paradise.

    Blue Curaçao is often used in popular drinks like Blue Margarita, Blue Lagoon and Blue Hawaii.