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  • Sonoma Coast Sweet Ginger Vodka 750ml

    Subtly spicy with an earthy sweetness, hints of pepper mixed with a light touch of citrus. The flavor of ginger hits you like a warm glow. How can something be so relaxing and so exciting at the same time? Just like that you can imagine adding Sonoma Coast Spirits Sweet Ginger Vodka to a cup of tea on a rainy evening or a cold lime seltzer after a summer hike. An intriguing mixture of dark and light, spicy and sweet. You could pair it with a green papaya salad or a juicy burger. Yes, you’ve found the magic elixir that goes with everything.

  • Sonoma Peppermint Vodka 750ml

    A giant handful of mint, picked fresh and added directly into your glass. Lively, natural and completely unexpected. That’s the experience of Sonoma Coast Spirits Peppermint Vodka. The smell, the taste — it isn’t like a candy cane at all. It’s a gorgeously green sprig of peppermint infused into exceptionally smooth vodka. It’s the garden in your glass. Muddle it with some fresh strawberries and club soda or serve it with a splash of chocolate liqueur. Speaking of chocolate, adding Peppermint Vodka to your hot chocolate is life changing.

  • Sonoma Coast Citrus Basil Vodka 750ml

    Deliciously herbaceous with a hint of fruit and an aroma that evokes a fragrant garden, the ideal balance between the delicate and the bold. You’ll find that the fresh-picked flavor of basil and citrus is inspirational. Opening a bottle of Sonoma Coast Spirits Citrus Basil Vodka gives you ideas. You can transform a typical glass of lemonade into something delightfully different. You can make a Martini that’s playfully elegant. You can elevate a lemon seltzer into an effortlessly creative cocktail. One bottle with endless possibilities.

  • Sonoma Coast Jalapeño Lime Vodka 750ml

    A harmonious combination of vibrant jalapeño and bright lime — spicy, fresh and adventurous. Vivid flavors artfully captured in an exhilarating infusion. It’s no wonder Sonoma Coast Spirits Jalapeño Lime Vodka is one of Oprah’s Favorites. Invigorate your Bloody Mary or Moscow Mule. Spice up your dinner party or afternoon cookout with a quick concoction of Jalapeño Lime Vodka and club soda over ice. Enjoy lively conversations over lively cocktails. Every sip is a reminder to savor the delicious moments in life.

  • Sonoma Coast Espresso Vodka 750ml

    A roasty, slightly bitter start and a bright, smooth finish combine in a taste that’s surprising and daring and now, as it sits in your glass and warms you to your toes, just so obvious. Of course espresso and vodka are perfect together in Sonoma Coast Spirit’s Espresso Vodka, of course they taste incredible draped over a rich vanilla bean ice cream, of course they pair with a dark chocolate or a nutty biscotti at the end of a perfect meal, surrounded by sweet-toothed friends. They are flavors that are singularly perfect. But combined, just so, with masterful distilling and an Italian earthy, caramel flavor, you have found a cocktail that’s unabashedly “duh.” How could someone have not thought of it before?