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  • Scrappy's Bitters Black Lemon 5oz
    SKU: 851561005108

    A “black lemon” is an earthy, smoky, spice commonly used in middle eastern cooking, and contrary to what the name suggests, is actually a dehydrated lime, but the name of the spice was a mistranslation from arabic to english ages ago. Despite not having any actual “black lemon” in this bitters, the bright and fresh lemon flavor has rich floral notes and deep earthy spices that are reminiscent of the “black lemon,” hence the name.

  • Scrappy's Bitters Cardamom 5oz
    SKU: 851561005023

    Release the pure essence of cardamom balanced with delicate citrus. Whether crafting a heady rum punch or wistful warming toddy, cardamom bitters adds a potent kick to your mix.

  • Scrappy's Bitters Exotic Mini Set

    This exotic flavors mini set contains our innovative expression of four unique varieties of bitters. We have even stashed a recipe card inside each box to get your creative juices flowing! Contains: lavender, chocolate, cardamom, and grapefruit.

  • Scrappy's Bitters Classic Mini Set

    This classic flavors mini set contains our unique interpretation of four time-honored varieties of bitters. We have even stashed a recipe card inside each box to get your creative juices flowing! Contains: orange, aromatic, orleans, and celery.

  • Scrappy's Bitters Firewater 5oz

    Firewater habanero tincture is scrappy’s first official non-bitters product release. Perfect for adding clean spice and heat to any drink or dish without compromising the integrity of the base ingredients, this firewater habanero tincture balances the heat of habanero peppers with delicate floral notes, and subtle sweetness. It should be noted to exercise care in handling, and use very sparingly, as this tincture is extremely spicy.

  • Scrappy's Bitters Aromatic 5oz

    Scrappy’s answer to the classic aromatic bitters. These bitters were created to be used in classic cocktail recipes. They add balance – and a bit of spice – to your favorite spirits. They make a killer bar ginger, too!

  • Scrappy's Bitters Lime 5oz

    Intense, fresh organic lime is the forgotten element in many drinks. You’ll discover what you’ve been missing once you experience the flavor.

  • Scrappy's Bitters Celery 5oz

    Using an antique recipe, we invoked the old world flavors of a nineteenth century bar. Now you can do the same with a touch of celery seed accented with hints of citrus.

  • Scrappy's Bitters Chocolate 5oz

    Organic-toasted cacao nibs bring this blend to life and, with just a hint of spice and oak, imparts the essence of chocolate into any drink. Truly a necessity in any well- stocked bar.

  • Scrappy's Bitters Orleans 5oz

    Scrappy’s orleans bitters is a new orleans style bitters. With a fresh bouquet and strong anise taste complimented by notes of citrus, cinnamon, and a bitter floral finish, this bitters is perfect for your sazeracs, vieux carres, and everything in between.

  • Scrappy's Bitters Orange 5oz

    A craft bar staple for over 150 years. Scrappy’s orange bitters continues the tradition with this unique blend of bright, fresh and bitter oranges, herbs, and spices.

  • Scrappy's Bitters Black Lemon 5oz

    The natural bitterness of grapefruit zest mingled with gentian. You’ll find an endless variety of uses for this age-old flavor, now with a modern twist.

  • Scrappy's Bitters Lavender 5oz Oz

    Our flagship blend, we are the originators of lavender bitters. Bright, sweet, yet remarkably well rounded, we captured spring in a bottle, allowing you to place the soul of the lavender flower in a glass.