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  • Russian Standard Vodka 750ml
    SKU: 736040018728

    The incredible. It’s not just an adjective.
    It’s an action… a process… an evolution … like the creation of ultra-clean, smooth and delicious Russian Standard Vodka.

    A vodka that is the result of a complex convergence of science and nature, craft and technology, history and revolution.

  • Russian Standard Imperia Vodka 750ml
    SKU: 736040018674

    IMPERIA vodka has been crafted to the highest standards to create a pristine Russian vodka for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

    Produced by the world’s most advanced distillation process and layer-filtered through quartz crystal from the Ural Mountains, IMPERIA is allowed to rest in relaxation tanks for 72 hours before bottling.

    The result is an exceptionally pure and clean taste with a light herbal aroma and elegant, full body.

  • Russian Standard Platinum Vodka 750ml

    Russian Standard Platinum employs a proprietary silver filtration system known for its unique natural refining values. This exclusive process produces an extraordinary silky smooth vodka with an ultra-clean finish.

    The modern and refined taste profile of Russian Standard Platinum and its citrus aroma makes it perfect to taste on its own or as an excellent base for any cocktail.

  • Russian Standard Gold Vodka 750ml

    With a beautiful embossed bottle and real rose gold-foiled label, Russian Standard Gold embodies the vibrant spirit of Russian generosity and gift giving.

    Russian Standard Gold is inspired from an ancient Siberian vodka recipe made popular by Peter the Great and has extracts of Siberian Golden Root.

    This ingredient creates a unique rich tasting vodka which adds vitality to any celebration.

  • Russian Standard Vodka 750ml
    SKU: 736040018742

    Russian Standard Vodka 1.75L