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  • R&d Bitters Smoked 100ml

    Who doesn’t love smoke! We formulated these bitters to tackle the smokey cocktail crowd. Fruity and smokey at the same time, we smoke fresh fruits, and combine them with some choice bitters herbs roots and spices to create a bitter yet balanced flavor profile which works incredibly well in refreshing and more direct cocktails.

  • R&d Bitters Floral

    R&D Bitters Sarsaparilla Bitters 100ml

  • R&d Bitters Floral

    R&D Bitters Citrus Bitters 100ml

  • R&d Bitters Floral

    R&D Bitters Floral Bitters 100ml

  • R&d Bitters House 100ml

    House Bitters are our personal take on the classically styled barroom aromatic bitters. We scoured old recipes and tasted our way through everything we could get our hands on. The result is an intensity and depth of flavor driven by Cardamon, Gentian, Star Anise and Allspice that we think makes a damn good Old Fashioned, Manhattan or any other direct cocktail.

  • R&d Bitters Cherry Apple 100ml
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    These Bitters are have an enticing combination of sweet ripe apple and sour cherry notes with a solid bitter backbone. Our R&D Cherry Apple Bitters allow professional and home bartenders add an extra layer complexity and bright flavor to their cocktail creations.

  • R&d Bitters Aromatic No.7 100ml
    SKU: 682962941661

    The recipe for R&D Aromatic #7 Bitters has incorporated a fine balance of aromatic herbs, spices, and botanicals combined with hints of fresh orange peel and vanilla. This bitters bridges the gap between standard aromatic and citrus based bitters while remaining perfect for balancing flavor in classic and modern cocktails.

  • R&d Bitters Fire 100ml

    For those craving a little heat we proudly offer R&D Fire rs. We worked diligently for months dialing in the perfect combination of peppery heat, a crisp citrus note, and a light bitterness. When we finally hit the perfect balance we had created a crisp clean and spicy bitters with just the right amount of heat to get you going.