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  • Rabbit Hole Dareinger Px Sherry Cask Bourbon Whiskey
    SKU: 856581006142

    Our Sherry Cask Finished Bourbon epitomizes Kaveh’s wife, Heather. Elegant, sweet, and charming, she is the muse behind our brand. A Louisville native and bourbon enthusiast, she lured Kaveh away from his beloved Scotch and down a rabbit hole he may have never dared go alone.

  • Rabbit Hole Bespoke Gin
    SKU: 856581006258
  • Rabbit Hole Heigold Bourbon Whiskey
    SKU: 856581006043

    Our High Rye Straight Bourbon Whiskey made with imported German rye pays tribute to an immigrant maker: Christian Heigold.

  • Rabbit Hole Cavehill Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

    Our 4-Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Cavehill, is a homage to the final resting place of generations of proud Louisville distillers: Cave Hill Cemetery.

  • Rabbit Hole Boxergrail Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey
    SKU: 865674000158

    There is a boldness to our 95% Rye Whiskey. Kentucky distilled and aged, with a brown sugar nose and spice that jumps on the tongue. Great with a splash of water, but breathtaking in classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned.

  • Rabbit Hole Raceking Founder’s Collection 750ml
    SKU: 8556581006364

    Limited Edition – 1365 Bottles – Cask Strength

    “Crafting a fine bourbon is always a gamble, especially if you want to do something bold and original. I have never been one to play it safe. Everyone fears failure. I, however, let that fear drive me to be braver and more creative. To work harder, get inventive and take risks. For this edition of his Founder’s Collection those risks paid off. Raceking is an absolute stud.”

    Founder & Whiskey Maker

  • Rabbit Hole 15 Year Mizunara Founder’s Collection Whiskey 750ml
    SKU: 856581006319

    ‘For this Founder’s Collection edition, our Founder, Kaveh Zamanian, an avid collector of rare bottles and barrels of whiskey, has selected a handful of 15-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey barrels from his personal trove and finished them in casks made of Japanese Mizunara Oak, the most elusive and coveted barrels on the planet, to create this one-of-a-kind double oaked cask strength bourbon.’


  • Rabbit Hole Boxergrail Founder's Collection Rye Whiskey
    SKU: 856581006272

    Bold and unexpected, this whiskey reveals a character worthy of a title.

  • Rabbit Hole Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
    SKU: 865674000165

    Bourbon is an act of faith. The barrel builds a strong foundation of vanilla and wood. Atop that, we bet on an unorthodox, four-grain mash promising spice and honey and a fresh apple breeze.


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