Origen Raiz del Espiritu


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  • Origen Raiz Del Espiritu Espadin Chacaleno Mezcal 750ml
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    ‘Our roots grow as our spirit leads us on new paths. Native to Northern Mexico, our Maguey Chacaleño is distilled in El Platanar de Sianori, a community nestled in the Las Quebradas region of the Municipality of Topia Durango. This Chacaleño mezcal expresses a character as bold as its origin, a true representation of the Origen Raíz del Espíritu family. Dixeebe!’

  • Origen Raiz Del Espiritu Sotol Mezcal 750ml

    The land guides us to its wisdom, and we have the honor of sharing the spirit of Wild Dasylirion Cedrosanum with you. Our sotol plants come the volcanic valley of Maika of Nombre de Dios, deep within the heart of the Durango
    mountains. We produce only small lots, transmitting our soul, pride and joy in every sip of this magnificent sotol. Dixeebe!

  • Origen Raiz Del Espiritu Cenizo Mezcal 750ml
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    Roots are strong in the fields of Durango, anchoring large, mountain agaves to the rugged landscape. Like the people, the agaves here are tough and resilient but with great heart. Their mezcal conveys the noble spirit of the earth and captures the essence of DURANGO.

  • Origen Raiz Del Espiritu Pechuga Mezcal
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    A Pechuga mezcal is a gift from the heart of the master mezcalero, produced to celebrate and commemorate unique occasions. It is a ritual that comes from the Zapotec culture of Oaxaca, where local fruits, spices, and in this case the Deer, are added to the mezcal distillation, embodying the energy, happiness, hope and solemnity of a very special event. Dixeebe!

  • Origen Raiz Del Espiritu Madre Cuishe Mezcal 750ml

    To celebrate the brotherhood of cultures and the union of our Duranguense and Oaxacan families, we are pleased to offer mezcal Madrecuishe. This maguey is endemic to Oaxaca, the ancestral lands that gave origin to our traditions
    and lends wisdom to the mezcaleros, which permeates in every drop of Origen Raíz del Espíritu mezcal. Dixeebe!