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  • Opthimus 25 Years Rum Port Finish 750ml

    This contemporary rum is distinctive and vigorous with a stunning mahogany color. A termination in Port casks can only be described as exquisite, in palate and aftertaste, reminiscing pepper. Memorable and delicious rum due to its smooth flavors.

  • Opthimus 25 Years Rum Whisky Finish 750ml

    Medium-bodied and contemporary, this rum can be defined as opulent and exquisite. Strong mahogany color, intense aromas and an exceptional bouquet of cranberries, herbs and toasted woods, finished with a silky syrupiness flavor. Aged in American and French oak barrels.

  • Opthimus 25 Years Rum 750ml

    Aged in American and French oak barrels, this medium-bodied, contemporary gem is elegant, opulent and exquisite. It boasts an exceptional bouquet with complex and intense aromas, and a dense mahogany color. On the palate it reveals a light sweetness, which fades to a persistent finish. Absolutely fantastic.

  • Opthimus 21 Years Rum 750ml

    This excellent rum is distributed nicely on the palate which presents faint impressions of snuff and coffee. Its long maturation is remarkable. Very persistent, distinctive and vigorous. Medium bodied and contemporary style, elegant and distinguished appearance. Remarkable rum.

  • Opthimus 18 Years Rum 750ml

    Fragrant, lush bouquet where fruit, oak and long aging complement perfectly. It comes in an imposing mahogany color with dark red hues. Contemporary style with distinctive and vigorous character. A wonderful and tasty spirit.

  • Opthimus 15 Years Rum 750ml

    Its appearance is a very old cognac or brandy, its exquisite aroma and pungent nose is product of the complexities of alcohol and very mature malts. Its contemporary style makes the presence on the palate flexible and friendly. It is full and deep with a long breath. A lavish rum!