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  • Old Trestle Spirit Of Eclipse Whiskey 750ml

    Vintage Eclipse styles from the library of 5050 Brewing Company were blended to taste, after 1 to 3 years of aging, to create the pinnacle of what it is to be Eclipse. This ultimate blend was then expertly distilled by Old Trestle Distillery, aged to perfection, and then finished in fresh Eclipse barrels from 5050 Brewing.

    This “Whiskey from Beer” spirit is truly and honestly one of a kind. This Truckee based collaboration between Old Trestle and 5050 Brewing has created a whiskey no one has ever tasted before. All the best characteristics of a world class whiskey made from a world class barrel aged imperial stout and then finished in the perfectly seasoned barrels of Eclipse. Talk about hot barrel on barrel action.

  • Old Trestle American Single Malt Whiskey 750ml

    Trestle is the first single malt from the Tahoe region and we didn’t take this lightly when laying down our barrels. Single Malt is a new expression in America with the traditional spirits having a long history in Europe. Our Trestle American Single Malt is 100% organic barley and aged for 3 years in French oak barrels.
    Born at altitude and aged in traditional manner, Trestle Single Malt is unpeated, yet smooth and smokey with a nod to the classics. The aroma greets you with a rich vanilla bouquet and fresh cut wood. The flavor profile is reminiscent of toffee and stonefruit on the pallet, and a smooth balance of alcohol and sweetness lingering on the finish. With good complexity, this whiskey is clean, smooth, and spicy, and finishes with a richness beyond its age.

  • Old Trestle Sierra Bourbon 750ml

    Our Sierra Bourbon is a full bodied, intense, and bold expression. Bourbon is made from corn, rye, and barley, aged in brand new American White Oak. We age our bourbon here in Truckee, California, at 5,982 feet of elevation. We then finish our bourbon by transferring it to a second new American Oak barrel, intensifying the oak and deepening the flavor 6-8 months prior to bottling.

    Bourbon is known the world over as the quintessential American spirit. Our Sierra Bourbon is a nod to the intrepid settlers that brought our country westward, embodying the spirit of the trailblazers before us. The intensity and bold nature of our forefathers is perfectly encapsulated in our double barreled Sierra Bourbon.

  • Old Trestle Theory 005 Gin 750ml

    Theory Gin 005 is a contemporary style barrel “rested” gin, mellowed in French Oak casks that were previously home to California Zinfandel wine. Upon awakening from its rest, the gin then undergoes a secondary maceration with hibiscus flowers resulting in a distinctive floral flavor and unmistakable red hue. Theory Gin 005 is the fifth in a series of gin experiments.
    For the third in our first barrel rested expressions, we played with Zinfandel barrels and florality. The combination of the tannin from the barrels needed a balance of sweetness however we wanted this gin to finish smooth and dry, like a fine wine. Hibiscus flowers proved the perfect compliment to the time in barrel, not to mention a glorious paintbrush with which to tint the final liquid.

  • Old Trestle Theory 004 Gin 750ml

    Theory Gin 004 is a contemporary style barrel “rested” gin, mellowed in French Oak casks that were previously home to California Chardonnay. Upon awakening from its rest, the gin then undergoes a secondary maceration with ginger root and turmeric root for a unique zesty flavor, unique aroma, and a neon goldenrod coloring. Theory Gin 004 is the fourth in a series of gin experiments.
    As we played with barrel rested gins, it seemed right to go a little off the beaten path from time to time. Theory Gin is our place to experiment and we were curious about turmeric for it’s health benefits and unique flavor and color. This rested gin was an experiment in strong flavors, inspired by many of the health benefits that come from ginger root and turmeric.

  • Old Trestle Theory 003 Gin 750ml

    Theory Gin 003 is a barrel rested gin experiment in the Old Tom style. This unique take on a classic gin maintains its English roots but infuses the botanicals with the sweet time spent in ex-bourbon casks and a subtle hint of Sierra Nevada honey. Theory Gin 003 is the third in a series of gin experiments.
    Theory Gin 003 is an experiment in the Old Tom style of gin. Popularized in the 18th and 19th centuries, Old Tom Gin was essentially a bootlegged, or “bathtub”, style gin that coincided with the Gin Craze of 18th century England. While there are many theories as to what defines this style, and how the term “Old Tom” came to be, one thing is for sure- our Theory Gin 003 is a unique take on this almost forgotten style, while highlighting innovative and modern blending techniques and ingredients.

  • Old Trestle Theory 002 Gin 750ml

    Theory Gin 002 is a gin experiment influenced by whispers of the East. It borrows five-spice powder and black tea from the Yunnan province, emboldening traditional botanicals in the bottle. With a second infusion, green tea marks its unique color and palette. Theory Gin 002 is the second in a series of gin experiments.
    Theory Gin 002 was inspired by Chinese culinary traditions. We have always deeply admired Chinese cuisine in the way they balance bold and subtle flavors together, bringing what seem like opposing or conflicting flavors, into perfect harmony. While the inclusion of tea seemed to be an easy inclusion into gin, there were different aspects of the tea we wanted to highlight. We utilized Chinese 5 Spice as we started to notice that several of those ingredients can be found in fine gins from around the world. To us, Theory Gin 002 is the perfect combination of East meets West.

  • Old Trestle Theory 001 Gin 750ml

    Theory Gin 001 is an alpine expression of gin crafted with locally harvested botanicals. Wild California rose hips are paired with local Western Juniper to create a flavor unique to the Sierra Mountains. This is all tied together by our local water, filtered through centuries of granite. Theory Gin 001 is the first in a series of gin expressions.

    A well balanced, approachable gin- good for the gin aficionados and even better to change “non-gin drinkers” minds about how gin can taste. Ingredients- juniper, orange peel, coriander, angelica root, ginger root, locally foraged rose hips.

  • Old Trestle Sierra Vodka 750ml.

    Our Sierra Vodka is an ode to the mountains, life, and people of the Lake Tahoe region.

    Made with California yellow corn, 100% Sierra Nevada water, this vodka is distilled, filtered, bottled, and labeled in Truckee, California.