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  • Driftwood Manhattan 375ml

    ”The Driftwood Manhattan blends 3-year old Straight Rye whiskey, house-made bitters, and a small-batch vermouth made in collaboration with our friends at Landmass Wines. For a deliciously easy cocktail that’s been pre-mixed to perfection, just pour, stir with ice and garnish with a cherry. Cheers!”

  • Driftwood Old Fashioned 375ml

    ”Introducing the Driftwood Old Fashioned— a blend of house-distilled and barrel-aged brandy, house-made bitters, and cane sugar. Historically prone to regional variation, an Old Fashioned is often a reflection of where one finds themselves on the map. We were inspired by our proximity to the Willamette Valley to showcase the complex, award-winning terroir and create an Old Fashioned that’s uniquely Oregon. Simply stir with ice, garnish, and enjoy.”

  • New Deal Ginger Liqueur
    SKU: 187027000081

    The bold spice of organic ginger root expands during a long infusion in our batch-distilled spirits, then delicately balances the sweetness of organic agave nectar and cane sugar. Sip New Deal Ginger Liqueur as a digestif or use it to add a spicy complexity to cocktails.

  • New Deal Gin Portland Dry 33
    SKU: 187027000067

    Handmade copper botanical trays capture bright and crisp notes of organic juniper berries without obscuring the rich aromatics. New Deal Portland Dry Gin 33 is a juniper-forward gin that captures the richness of the berries, making it perfect for the full spectrum of classic gin cocktails.

  • Hot Monkey Pepper Flavored Vodka 750ml

    A fiery infusion of peppers, Hot Monkey Pepper-flavored Vodka impresses even the seasoned hot pepper enthusiast with serious heat and a smokey, complex character.

  • New Deal Old Tom Gin
    SKU: 187027000104

    Distilled with over 20 botanicals and then barrel-aged in French oak, the popular Old Tom Gin from our Distiller’s Workshop collection is now part of our permanent line of spirits. And, with a fancy new label! New Deal Old Tom Gin is pot-distilled in-house from 100% grain. Juniper, rose petal, citrus, and orris root add depth and texture. And finally, used Oregon wine barrels bring warm, toasted notes. Enjoy on ice with an orange twist or in a number of classic Old Tom cocktails.

  • New Deal Cascara Liqueur
    SKU: 187027900176

    Handcrafted with Cascara (coffee cherry fruit), spirits and pure cane sugar, our new Cascara Liqueur brings a unique new taste to your cocktail toolkit. This intriguing liqueur begins with raisin, candied fig, and cookie on the nose. It has a delicate, layered body which combines notes of dried apricot, black tea, honey, hay, baking spice, and maple with a long, persistent finish.

  • Portland 90 Vodka 750ml

    ‘Portland’s original craft vodka, distilled in copper stills and bottled at a higher proof, delivers a clean, classic taste while maintaining its distinct character. Portland 90 stands up to bold mixers, yet is smooth enough for sipping. An exceptional 90 Proof vodka at a reasonable price.’

  • Portland Gin No1 750ml

    ”We craft Gin No. 1 in the pioneering spirit of the Pacific Northwest making it a favorite of gin enthusiasts looking for a unique twist on the classic gin flavor profile. Our custom-designed pot still allows juniper berry oils and tannins to remain as distinctive notes on the palate, creating a buttery and herbaceous sipping gin. Citrus notes followed by cracked black pepper and an overall round, deep, dark, and mellow tone.”

  • New Deal Pear Brandy 750ml
    SKU: 187027900220

    New Deal Distillery is honored to partner with Pereday Orchard in the Historic Columbia River Gorge to create an exceptional Oregon pear brandy. Made with 100% estate-grown Hood River Bartlett pears, this alluring and memorable brandy is excellent on its own or when mixed in your favorite brandy cocktails

  • New Deal Coffee Liqueur
    SKU: 187027000074

    Robust coffee flavors from a Water Avenue Coffee custom blend are extracted through a cold-brew method, then blended with our batch-distilled spirits and organic cane sugar and agave nectar. Excellent for sipping or inclusion in dessert cocktails.

  • New Deal Spiced Rum 375ml

    Our newest batch of Spiced Rum begins with warm vanilla and nutmeg on the nose that gives way to cinnamon, clove, allspice, black pepper, and orange. Exceptionally smooth and full of aromatics, this spiced rum shines in spirit-forward cocktails. And yes, it makes an amazing Hot Buttered Rum.

    • Open-air, house-fermented from sugar cane wash
    • Double pot-distilled & aged 5+ years in American Oak barrels
    • Infused with a combination of classic & experimental spices
  • New Deal 40 Acres Straight Rye Whiskey 750ml
    SKU: 860007632808

    40 Acres Straight Rye Whiskey is brought to you from Karl Rohdin-Bibby; an avid whiskey enthusiast and distiller at New Deal Distillery. Inspired by the DIY spirit of New Deal and the creative nature of his job, Karl was motivated to start his own brand to further experiment, educate, and create with his own whiskey.

    40 Acres first release is an enticing high-rye whiskey finished in Oregon Wine Barrels. This combination and technique allow the whiskey to maintain many of the traditional spicy notes associated with rye while finishing with soft and dark fruit flavors reminiscent of Oregon’s regional wines. Excellent neat, on the rocks, or mixed in a number of classic whiskey cocktails.

  • New Deal Vodka 750ml

    ‘Distilled in custom copper stills using our own unique recipe, New Deal Vodka delivers a delicate flavor complexity yet provides an extremely smooth finish. Clean and light on the palate, its subtlety makes New Deal Vodka a great choice for a sipping vodka or a martini.’

  • Driftwood Espresso Cocktail 375ml

    ”Presenting our take on an Espresso Martini, the Driftwood Espresso Cocktail. A delightfully indulgent evening pick-me-up, this caffeinated classic has soared in popularity since its advent in the 1980s. We’ve combined our Pacific Northwest love for a good cup of coffee and small-batch craft spirits in this lively libation. For an expertly crafted espresso martini, shake with cream and strain into a cocktail glass. Or, for a chocolatey variation on a Black Russian, simply pour over ice.”

  • New Deal Mud Puddle Chocolate
    SKU: 187027000043

    Rich and decadent bitter chocolate vodka infused with organic, fair-trade cacao nibs custom-roasted in small batches. Mud Puddle Bitter Chocolate Vodka is a deeply flavored, unsweetened spirit with the irresistible essence of dark chocolate. Try it in White Russians, Espresso Martinis, or in place of vanilla extract in baked goods.

  • New Deal Cascadia American Bitter Liqueur

    Cascadia American Bitter Liqueur is our Pacific Northwest interpretation of traditional European herbal liqueurs, inspired by the flora found in the Cascade Mountain Range. This bittersweet liqueur is the first product of several years of experimenting with pure, whole, natural, culinary-quality ingredients.

  • New Deal Distillers Reserve Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

    ‘An easy-drinking, high-corn whiskey with vanilla, pipe smoke, and caramelized sugar on the nose. This bourbon has notes of raisin, straw, masa, and molasses with a warming, lingering finish. An excellent choice for occasions and cocktails that call for bourbon whiskey.’

  • New Deal Distillers Reserve Rye Whiskey 750ml

    ‘A smooth, approachable Rye Whiskey that begins with buttered caramel, cocoa powder, and campfire on the nose. Aged three years, this whiskey is round and earthy with notes of toasted rye cracker, cumin, and cinnamon with a dry, minted finish. The mellow flavor and classic rye spice lends itself to traditional rye cocktails, as well as sipping neat or on ice.’

  • New Deal Distillers Reserve Wheat Whiskey 750ml

    ‘A soft, accessible sipping whiskey that starts with brown sugar and caramel on the nose, a bit of char, straw, golden raisin, and cherry on the palate, with a long, toasted grain finish. Made from soft winter wheat and aged three years, this whiskey is excellent served neat, on ice, or mixed in a number of classic whiskey cocktails. ‘


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