Nellie Collins


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  • Nellie Collins Cin Amon Sin Beer Whiskey 750ml.

    The Collins’ family used their whiskey for almost all occasions, even medicinal needs. Some of the younger family members couldn’t drink the straight whiskey, so in order to make the whiskey more smooth and drinkable, the Collins Clan added cinnamon. According to Native Americans, usage of cinnamon raises spiritual and protective vibrations, and creates physical energy. My aunts and uncles would tell us stories of how my dad always seemed to have a sore throat… Hmmm? That’s why Nellie would call out the cinnamon whiskey as, “Brings out the Sin!”

  • Nellie Collins Hon Y Luv Beer Whiskey 750ml

    Being part Native American and dirt poor, the Collins family lived off the land and used as many natural ingredients as possible. One of the local favorites was wild honey. It was a bit tricky getting the honey, but it was well worth the efforts. Family members would always tell us the stories that included Grandma Nellie saying, “Hon’y Luv, go fetch my medicine (Nellie’s reference to her honey flavored whiskey)! Even though they didn’t have much, they were always a happy clan!

  • Nellie Collins Backwoods Root Beer Whiskey 750ml

    The Backwoods Root Beer came along when my dad was in his teenage years. He and his friends would get some bottled root beer, grab some Nellie Collins corn whiskey, and then head out to the back woods to seek life’s adventures. At some point they would settle in and mix the bottled root beer and whiskey. According to our dad, these young men solved the world’s problems while on those life adventures…