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  • Naud Vs Cognac 750ml

    Jean-Michel NAUD is convinced that obtaining a quality brandy is conditioned by the distillation of wines produced with precision. With his son Pierre, they select grapes at optimum maturity from the best vintages in the AOC area. Ugni blanc, grown mainly on clay-limestone soils, is appreciated for its slow maturity and the finesse it gives to eaux-de-vie. The Colombard, earlier, is mainly harvested on poor soils and offers subtle fruity and floral notes to cognacs

  • Naud Extra Cognac 750ml

    Only a few rare eaux-de-vie can contribute to the development of this Extra cognac from the NAUD family. Under the direction of Jean-Michel and Pierre, each batch is tasted individually before being oriented towards a perfect blend to compose a fair and harmonious score leading this cognac to excellence.

  • Naud Vsop Cognac 750ml

    The mild climate and the favorable exposure of the Charentais hillsides are the ideal conditions to reveal the full potential of these grape varieties. Once vinified, the wines undergo a double distillation over open fire in small traditional copper stills, in the presence of their fine lees, in order to bring roundness and aromatic richness to the cognacs of the NAUD family. Housed in French oak barrels, they follow a long aging process under the benevolence of the Cellar Master who decides on their final blend.

  • Naud Xo Cognac 750ml

    Protected by thick walls, under tiles browned by the Angels, Paradise shelters the oldest qualities of the family reserve. During a long aging process in French oak barrels carefully selected for the finesse of their tannins, the mysterious alchemy takes place between alcohol, air and wood.

  • Naud Distilled Gin 750ml

    In his youth, Emile Perrier had concocted an original Gin in the secrecy of his small distillery. He did not dare to market it fearing to attract the wrath of the distillers around. Jean-Michel and Pierre are shaking up conventions today. After long research to find the ingredients of their ancestor’s formulas and several distillation tests, 12 botanicals were finally selected to compose a bouquet of fresh and unique aromas. They infuse for 7 to 10 days, before being distilled in a “steam bain-marie” to reveal the quintessence of their perfumes. Ideal to bring character to your G&T.

  • Naud Pot Still Vodka 750ml

    Explorers passionate about the diversity and richness of the terroirs of France, it is on the fertile lands of the North-East of the Paris Basin that Jean-Michel and Pierre NAUD have identified the best winter wheats. A nod to its distant past when the scent of ground grains once invaded the old mill, the family distillery is once again imbued with cereal aromas through a sixth and final distillation in small copper stills. Blended with fresh water naturally filtered through the limestone soils of the estate, our vodka is the purest expression of French elegance.