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  • Malahat Black Tea Rum 750ml
    SKU: 854150005046

    Black Tea Rum is incredibly well balanced, clean and smooth with the distinct flavor of black tea to awaken the palate. The boldness of the natural black tea leaves is a perfect complement to our rum. A perfect summer drink whether you have it on the rocks with a lemon wedge or mixed with your favorite lemonade.

  • Malahat Rum 750ml
    SKU: 854150005008

    The nose is sweet with a hint of the tropics. It is smooth, clean, and crisp from start to finish. It comes only from the finest cut of the distillation run, making it smooth neat or on the rocks with a clean finish. That also makes it the perfect base for a wide range of craft cocktails.

  • Malahat Ginger Rum 750ml
    SKU: 854150005039

    Ginger Rum comes from our passion for innovation. Many experiments never made it to the bar, but our Ginger is the perfect complement to our rums. Our approach is consistent with every spirit we make.